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Lip fillers

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    What fillers are chosen for lip augmentation

    The fashion for plump lips appeared from time to time at different stages of human history. In her era, the Egyptian ruler Nefertiti, was considered to be the standard of beauty, with sensual lips and used available cosmetics to enhance beauty. Over the centuries, however, fashion has changed. The real beauty revolution in the 20s of last century was the "rosebud" shape of women's lips, initiated by Max Factor, the founder of the brand of the same name.

    The trend for lip augmentation and reshaping lips through injections and plastic surgery emerged in the 1990s-2000s. Today, the “dumpling lips”, popular more than 20 years ago, are a thing of the past, today natural volume is in fashion, which is easy to achieve with the help of injections. Let's see what lip fillers provide a natural effect and are not harmful to health. 

    Modern ways of adding volume to the lips

    Plastic surgeons and cosmetologists use different methods for lip augmentation, including:

    • cheiloplasty - an invasive procedure, the aesthetic effect of which is achieved by excision of mucosa or skin from the red fringe to the nose;
    • lipofilling - injection of the lips' own fat into the tissues in the lip area;
    • contour plastics, for which special intradermal fillers are used.

    Lip fillers are mainly based on hyaluronic acid. Natural volume and attractive contours are created first by filling the intercellular space with gel, and then by the attraction and retention of water by the polymer molecules. With time, on average within six months, the hyaluronic bio-implant is resorbed, and repeated injections are performed to maintain the volumetric effect. 

    If the lips are not enlarged enough, an additional correction can be done in a month. Excess gel volume after an unsuccessful correction is removed by injections of hyaluronidase, an enzyme that breaks down hyaluronic acid.

    Collagen fillers are also suitable for lip contour plastics and volume correction. These products started to be used earlier than hyaluronic gels, cost less, but are less effective and have been used very rarely in recent years.

    Safe lip augmentation: fillers that are not suitable for injections

    Permanent lip fillers, which are made from synthetic compounds - polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) and polydimethylsiloxane (silicone) - are almost never used in cosmetology today. They are prohibited in many countries.

    Not suitable for lip injections are temporary fillers based on:

    • polylactic acid (AestheFill);
    • polycaprolactone (Ellanse);
    • calcium hydroxyapatite (Radiesse, Facetem).

    Light hyaluronic gels, designed to smooth out fine wrinkles, and dense volumetrics, used for volumetric modeling of facial contours - filling the lack of soft tissue in the cheeks, cheekbones and chin are also not injected into the lips. The former are too quickly resorbed in the area subjected to dynamic stress, while the latter can protrude over the skin in the form of unaesthetic "balls" and "sausages". 

    The best lip fillers

    The list of the most popular products used in aesthetic clinics and beauty salons for lip augmentation includes:

    • Fillmed Art Filler Lips with hyaluronic acid content of 25 mg/ml;
    • Neauvia Organics Intense Lips (24 mg/ml);
    • Stylage Special Lips (18 mg/ml);
    • Juvederm Ultra Smile (24 mg/ml);
    • Teosyal RHA Kiss and Puresense Kiss (25 mg/ml);
    • Restylane Kysse (20 mg/ml);
    • Belotero Lips Shape (22.5 mg/ml) and Lips Contour (25.5 mg/ml).

    Lip fillers are characterized by medium and high concentration of hyaluronic acid, but moderate density. Many well-known manufacturers include gels designed specifically for lip contour plastics in their injectable product lines. 

    Belotero lip fillers differ in purpose: the lighter Shape is used to correct the shape, the thicker Contour - to create additional volume.

    In addition, for lip contour plastics cosmetologists use universal preparations - Juvederm Ultra 3, Surgiderm 24XP and 30XP, Saypha (Princess) Filler and others.

    Lip fillers are available in both lidocaine and non-lidocaine versions in a wholesale cosmetic product store. The presence of lidocaine in the filler makes the procedure painless for the patient and shortens the session. If there is no anesthetic in the injectable product, local application or infiltration (dental) anesthesia is used.

    Indications and contraindications for lip filler injections

    The injection of hyaluronic acid-based fillers into the lip area is effective for:

    • asymmetry of the mouth;
    • disproportionality of the upper and lower lip;
    • insufficient volume of soft tissues by nature or thinning of the lips as a result of age-related changes;
    • dry and loose skin;
    • drooping corners of the mouth.

    The injectable procedure can be performed not earlier than 18 years old. Some manufacturers specify 21 years of age as the age limit.

    Contraindications to intradermal injections include:

    • pregnancy and lactation;
    • autoimmune diseases;
    • low blood clotting;
    • diabetes mellitus at the stage of decompensation;
    • oncology;
    • fear of injections and other mental disorders;
    • epilepsy.

    Reasons to postpone the procedure to another date are exacerbation of herpes, acute respiratory infections and influenza, taking anti-inflammatory drugs, anticoagulants and thrombolytics.

    Preparation for contour plastics and post-procedure restrictions

    The procedure is not recommended for women during the first days of the menstrual cycle. 2-3 days before the visit the patient should exclude alcohol, on the day of the session to give up coffee and smoking. If the herpes virus is present in the patient's body, the cosmetologist may recommend taking anti-viral medicines. 

    For a few days after injections of fillers you should avoid mechanical impact on the injected area, eating too spicy and salty, as well as solid food. It is also recommended to minimize physical activity. Within a week, visits to a sauna and sunbathing are prohibited. Permanent makeup is allowed not earlier than in a month.

    Lip fillers: a store of goods for cosmetologists

    On our marketplace you can buy fillers for lips and perioral contour plastics, which are manufactured by world-renowned manufacturers. The quality of the offered products is confirmed by European certificates and many years of practice of cosmetologists, enthusiastic feedback from their patients. The price for lip fillers on our site will be one of the lowest on the market, as we can afford to reduce it by large purchases of cosmetic products. To make an order, you need to register on the site and make your purchase. The preparations for intradermal injections are intended to be used exclusively by specialists, as intradermal injection of the preparation is associated with the risk of side effects.