Juvederm is a popular brand of hyaluronic acid-based gels on the injection market, used for biorevitalization, wrinkle correction and facial contours modeling. Premium-class preparations - Juvederm biorevitalizants and fillers - are presented in two series: Ultra and Vycross.

Trademark history

The history of the brand began long before the appearance of popular in modern cosmetology fillers and biorevitalizants Juvederm - in 1948, when the company Allergan Laboratories was founded. The pharmaceutical concern is known to cosmetologists primarily as the manufacturer of Botox, which was the first in the world to release a product based on botulinum toxin designed for the correction of expression lines. Today Allergan Aesthetics is a part of the American biopharmacological company AbbVie.

Hyaluronic fillers Juvederm appeared on the market in 2006 and were among the first to be officially approved in the United States. The preparations were created on the basis of studies conducted since the 1990s, during which the ability of hyaluronic acid to fill wrinkles and restore the volume of soft tissues was proven. The first line of Juvederm was represented by fillers 18, 24, 30, 24HV, 30HV. This series is now out of production and is replaced by the line Ultra.

Assortment of products Juvederm

The line Juvederm Ultra - monophasic fillers in which the active ingredient is stabilized hyaluronic acid. The uniqueness of the series lies in the use of the patented 3D-Matrix technology for cross-linking the polymer chains, which ensures plasticity, easy introduction of the product and at the same time resistance to deformation and biodegradation.

The line includes Juvederm Ultra fillers:

  • Ultra 2 - for smoothing fine lines and wrinkles;
  • Ultra 3 and Plus XC - for correction of medium and deep skin creases (marionette wrinkles, nasolabial folds);
  • Ultra 4 - for volume enhancement of cheeks, cheekbones, chin, non-surgical rhinoplasty;
  • Ultra Smile and XC - for lip augmentation.

All preparations of the Ultra family contain lidocaine, which makes the procedure painless and as comfortable as possible without the need for local anesthesia. The classic line also includes the biorevitalizant Juvederm Hydrate.

Juvederm Vycross are truly innovative injectable products of the latest generation. The name of the series directly indicates the technology that is used in the manufacture of the intradermal fillers. The secret of the technology is the use of hyaluronic acid molecules with low and high molecular weight, which produces a gel with a homogeneous consistency and the ability to provide a natural result even with active facial expressions. The main advantages of the series created on the basis of VYCROSS technology are a prolonged period of action and the absence of primary swelling, that is, the specialist and the patient can immediately assess the finished result of the contour plastics. So far no other hyaluronic gels can boast of such properties.

Accordingly, the price of fillers using this cross-linking technology is high.

The Vycross line includes Juvederm fillers:

  • Volbella - for correction of nasolacrimal furrows, wrinkles in the perioral area and forehead;
  • Volbella - for rejuvenation of the area around the mouth, soft modeling of the lips;
  • Volift and Volift Retouch - for tightening sagging tissue;
  • Voluma and Voluma XC - to restore youthful facial contours;
  • Vollure XC - for smoothing deep and moderate wrinkles;
  • Volux - for contour plastics of the chin, lower third of the face.

The preparations are available in versions without lidocaine and with an anesthetic in the gel. The Vycross series also includes biorevitalizant Juvederm Volite, which in just one treatment provides hydration, evens out skin tone and structure, and smooths the network of fine lines and wrinkles.

Peculiarities and advantages of Juvederm preparations

Fillers and preparations for biorevitalization Juvederm are made from hyaluronic acid of non-animal origin, which is well accepted by dermal tissues and does not cause allergies. The result of the procedures can be seen immediately after the injections. Typical complications in the form of small bruises at the injection site of the needle or cannula usually go away after a few days.

The popularity of products is also due to the predictability of the result, the ability to choose a product to solve a variety of aesthetic problems - from moisturizing and smoothing wrinkles to non-surgical correction of facial features and the elimination of asymmetry.

The producer recommends to perform contour plastics and biorevitalization with the use of Juvederm products not earlier than at 21 years of age.