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If you're asking yourself this question, you're definitely not looking at a whale
You will never confuse a whale with anything else
Meeting it will take your breath away
It's a meeting you'll remember for the rest of your life

The professional cosmetics online store Beauty Whale is such a whale in the ocean of aesthetic medicine.
●    A HUGE assortment
●    A POWERFUL service 
●    LOVE from the first meeting

The aesthetic medicine store Beauty Whale doesn't swim with the current, it creates the current from a gulf of warm service and a shelf of discounts.
At the beginning of 2022, the small aesthetic store sailed into open waters. Warsaw, Cracow, Poznan… gradually the range of aesthetic medicine products grew, and the whale became more powerful and stronger. Now more than 500 brands can be found in our professional cosmetics store online.

The aesthetic store Beauty Whale is not afraid of predators. The movements of his service are precise and swift, a blow with his tail cuts prices, each exhalation raises a fountain of discounts into the sky. His mission is to guard the flock of clients and friends, to help them make the world more beautiful and the clients happier. 

FAST AND PRECISE: the aesthetic store Beauty Whale develops an incredible speed of ordering and delivery of aesthetic medicine products into your hands.
AMBITIOUS: Beauty Whale sets new trends for other dermatology stores.
DANGEROUS FOR PRICES: Beauty Whale has teeth with which he bites off great prices and huge discounts from medical cosmetics suppliers for you.
LOYAL TO CUSTOMERS: The dermatology shop Beauty Whale loves people, aesthetic medicine products and drive. Exactly in that order.
Beauty Whale is a rare and beautiful whale with an incredible intuition for great aesthetic medicine specialists and good people. And we are happy that you are one of them!