Stylage Bi-SOFT - fillers and biorevitalization based on hyaluronic acid

During one of the Dubai Derma conferences the world-known manufacturer of Stylage fillers, the French laboratory VIVACY, announced the complete replacement of the Classic series with the updated Bi-SOFT. That decision surprised many people because there were no complaints about the fillers and biorevitalization preparations of Stylage,they have always been known for their perfect reputation.

A year later the world beauty industry fully appreciated the progressiveness and innovativeness of the company having "tasted" all the advantages of the upgraded Stylage Bi-SOFT.

So, what are the features of the Stylage Bi-SOFT series?

It is important to start with where the product has remained unchanged. The perfect, proven for decades, effective composition of the preparations has remained the same. Also, the company did not change the assortment, which covers all the needs and requests of cosmetologists and their patients. Stylage Bi-SOFT preparations are represented in the Filler Shop assortment by the following positions:

  • Stylage Bi-SOFT HYDRO
  • Stylage Bi-SOFT HYDRO MAX
  • Stylage Bi-SOFT S
  • Stylage Bi-SOFT M
  • Stylage Bi-SOFT L
  • Stylage Bi-SOFT XL
  • Stylage Bi-SOFT XXL
  • Stylage Bi-SOFT LIPS 

All items are presented both with and without lidocaine, so that the specialist can choose the best set of materials for the job.
The packaging has changed in shape and design, becoming more utilitarian. The longer box contains only one modest mention of the name "Bi-SOFT" on the side wall. You will not find "Bi-SOFT" in the manual either - the cosmetologist's guide and stickers remained the same. 

But the Stylage Bi-SOFT series is still a revolutionary breakthrough in cosmetology! Why?

It's all about the improvement of the cosmetologist's working tool - the syringe, its material, shape and proportions. 

10 advantages of Stylage Bi-SOFT syringes

1) MATERIAL The high-quality polycarbonate used for the body, plunger, cylinder and tip of the luer gives a completely different tactile sensation when working with the product.

2) SURFACE The velvety surface of the SOFT-TOUCH significantly increases the level of grip with the specialist's hand, helping to ensure a more secure fit of the syringe in the hand.

3) COLOR CODING The company has introduced color coding for quick and safe identification of preparations with each other, which is quite important for cosmetologists working with a variety of fillers. 

4) CENTER OF GRAVITY The center of gravity of the plunger shifted from the middle to the edge increases the stability of the syringe during pressure.

5) PROPORTIONS The new proportions of the syringe reduce the feeling of injection force, making the procedure more precise and comfortable. This is especially important when injecting high viscosity preparations.

6) FLANGE The concave surface of the flange allows for a convenient location of the syringe in the hand and avoids slipping during operation.

7) PLUNGER SIZE The 80% increase in the plunger stop surface, compared to the old syringe design, allows you to operate the injection with the entire palm of your hand, not just your thumb. This helps distribute the load more intelligently.

8) INJECTION ANGLE The 90% increase in grip surface helps to change the injection angle more freely, providing improved correction results.

9) ELLIPS The elliptical shape of the stop without pointed corners guarantees a new level of comfort for the cosmetologist and no uncomfortable sensation for the patient when touching the syringe.

10) ASPIRATION TEST Thanks to the special markings on the grip plate, the cosmetologist can easily perform an aspiration test.

Proven quality and safety 

As you can see, the improvement of the basic working tool of the cosmetologist really changes the level of efficiency, accuracy and comfort of the manipulation. 

The quality of the VIVACY laboratory product remains unchanged in each renewed syringe. All products contain highly purified hyaluronic acid of different densities, the molecules of which are cross-linked by 3D-Matrix technology.

Hyaluronic acid in the gels is responsible for restoring hydrobalance, cell regeneration, protection and filling soft tissues with moisture. The added antioxidant mannitol prolongs the presence of the filler in the dermis and helps to combat the negative effects of free radicals on the cells. 

The price of the upgraded Stylage Bi-SOFT series is not much higher than the price of the classic series, and a professional who respects himself and his profession will obviously choose a more advanced instrument for work. That is why the VIVACY laboratory was confident about the gradual replacement of the previous generation fillers by the Bi-SOFT series. Stylage Bi-SOFT - the first choice among the best!