Stylage Hydro Bi-SOFT for biorevitalization 1 ml

Stylage Hydro Bi-SOFT for biorevitalization 1 ml

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  • Brand: Stylage Bi-SOFT
  • Composition features: mannitol
  • Hyaluronic acid concentration: 14 mg/ml
  • Volume (ml): 1 ml
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Basic properties

Main characteristics of Stylage Hydro Bi-SOFT for biorevitalization 1 ml

The laboratory Vivacy, a well-known French manufacturer of beauty products, has introduced a new product to the world community in 2019. The innovative syringe with Bi-SOFT® Injection Technology has been improved with a new shape and Soft Touch polycarbonate material for better ergonomics, precision, comfort and safety in the work of the cosmetologist.

Despite the improved shape of the syringe and the changes in packaging, the composition of Stylage Hydro Bi-SOFT has not changed, it still contains:
non-cross-linked hyaluronic acid 14 mg/ml, which is responsible for deep hydration of the epidermis and activation of biochemical processes in the skin,
mannitol, an antioxidant which prolongs the action of the product for up to 6 months.

What is the difference between Stylage Hydro Bi-SOFT and other revitalization solutions?

It's all about the patented way of manufacturing the active ingredient molecules for the product. The 3D Matrix technology cross-links the HA molecules so that they stay in the dermis layers for a longer period of time. And the IPN-Like technology helps to give the biorevitalizant an optimal balance of plasticity and fluidity with elasticity and resistance. 

The addition of mannitol to Stylage Hydro Bi-SOFT extends the life of the biorevitalizant up to 6 months, while most products really effective period is not more than 4 months.

The price of Stylage Hydro Bi-SOFT is a compromise between high European quality and affordability. 

You can buy Stylage Hydro Bi-SOFT on the website of Filler Shop by pre-registering or calling the phone numbers listed on the website. 

Application of Stylage Hydro Bi-SOFT for biorevitalization 1 ml

Stylage Hydro Bi-SOFT is recommended for strengthening hydration of the tissues of the face, neck, decollete area, and the back of the hands. Stylage Hydro Bi-SOFT biorevitalization is indicated for patients from 25 years old. 

Indications for biorevitalization Stylage Hydro Bi-SOFT:

  • Dryness and flaking,
  • Loss of tone and elasticity of the skin,
  • The first signs of photo- and chrono-aging,
  • The prevalence of a fine-wrinkle type of aging (network of fine lines and wrinkles),
  • Sagging of the skin due to age or rapid weight loss,
  • Alopecia, acne, post-acne and couperose,
  • Dull complexion, sallow discoloration, pigmentation,
  • Disorder of sebum production, enlarged pores,
  • Preparation and rehabilitation after aggressive procedures or contouring.

Stylage Hydro Bi-SOFT treatment protocol for biorevitalization 1 ml

Stylage Hydro Bi-SOFT restores the hydrolipidic balance of the skin and stimulates revitalisation processes after the first procedure. However, for a sustainable result it is necessary to perform a course of injections consisting of 3 procedures. The break between sessions is 2 weeks. 

Prior to biorevitalization it is necessary to clean and disinfect the skin. 

If necessary, you can apply a superficial anesthetic, but in most cases it is not required, as the procedure is painless. 

The preparation is injected into the superficial layers of the dermis or in the dermal-epidermal junction. 

After surface treatment the skin is wiped with chlorhexidine solution. If necessary, a soothing cream or fluid can be applied. 

For a permanent effect it is necessary to carry out a supporting procedure once every 3-6 months.

Results of Stylage Hydro Bi-SOFT Biorevitalization treatment 1 ml

After a course of Stylage Hydro Bi-SOFT biorevitalization treatments the skin:

  • regains lost firmness and elasticity,
  • saturated with moisture, which is held within the cells,
  • gains a more healthy even tone,
  • it looks "radiant" and relaxed,
  • small wrinkles become less visible and smoothed,
  • sebum production is normalized,
  • skin turgor is tightened. 


  • individual intolerance to the components,
  • the presence of systemic diseases,
  • epilepsy,
  • oncological diseases,
  • problems with hematopoiesis,
  • taking anticoagulants,
  • pregnancy and lactation,
  • herpes in active stage,
  • acute respiratory viral infections, influenza and fever,
  • under 18 years of age.

Storage and Transportation

Store in a dark, dry place at temperatures between +2°C to +25°C. Do not freeze!


  • Brand

    Stylage Bi-SOFT

  • Main characteristics
  • Indications for use
    Skin flabbiness
    Fine lines
    Dry and flaky skin
  • Composition features
  • Hyaluronic acid concentration
    14 mg/ml
  • Volume (ml)
    1 ml
  • Duration of action
    up to 4 months
  • Layers of the dermis
  • Country of origin