Stylage L Bi-SOFT hyaluronic acid filler with lidocaine 1 ml

Stylage L Bi-SOFT hyaluronic acid filler with lidocaine 1 ml

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  • Brand: Stylage Bi-SOFT
  • Density: High
  • Lidocaine: Available
  • Hyaluronic acid concentration: 24 mg/ml
  • Volume (ml): 1 ml
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Basic properties

The main characteristics of Stylage L Bi-SOFT hyaluronic acid filler with Lidocaine 1 ml

Dense, viscous, apyrogenic, monophasic gel filler Stylage L Bi-SOFT Lidocaine is one of the most popular fillers on the market for filling deep wrinkles and adding volume to the cheeks, cheekbones and chin. The lidocaine content in the filler gives the product additional benefits such as:

  • Time savings due to anesthesia already inside the product itself,
  • Relaxed facial expression of the client (painless),
  • Absence of stress tension in the skin, vasospasm, and possible involuntary movements due to the patient's pain.

The composition of Stylage L Bi-SOFT Lidocaine is perfectly adjusted and has not changed for years. It contains:

  • IPN-Like cross-linked hyaluronic acid at a high concentration of 24 mg/ml. Such patented cross-linking makes it possible to create a mesh structure of the preparation, which firmly retains the gel inside the dermis for 8-12 months (the period depends on the individual characteristics of the patient).
  • lidocaine with a concentration of 0.3%, which relieves the patient's tension and pain and facilitates the work of the cosmetologist.
  • polyhydric alcohol mannitol, which suppresses the destructive effects of free radicals, provides an antioxidant effect, prolonging the presence of the filler in tissues.

The attractive price combined with the impressive effect made Stylage L Bi-SOFT Lidocaine so popular. The price of the filler distinguishes it from the European competitors, and the Korean analogues cannot yet boast of such a long stay in the tissues as Stylage L Bi-SOFT Lidocaine. You can buy the preparation on the website of Filler Shop both in a package and individually by 1 syringe. 

In 2019, the company VIVACY introduced an improved version of Stylage L Lidocaine of the classic series - the Bi-SOFT series. Only the packaging and the syringe were changed, but it was these changes that made the preparation one of the market leaders.

The syringe, made according to Bi-SOFT® Injection Technology, is distinguished by its concave flange shape, innovative surface material Soft Touch , improved return stroke, and shifted center of gravity. All these innovations have resulted that the syringe "lies" reliably in the hand, and the correction becomes more accurate, easy and comfortable for the cosmetologist and his client.

The Application of Stylage L Bi-SOFT hyaluronic filler with lidocaine 1 ml

Stylage L Bi-SOFT Lidocaine is used for:

  • volume correction of the face,
  • adding volume to the cheekbones, cheeks, chin,
  • correction of the nose shape,
  • augmentation of the lips,
  • smoothing the unevenness of the skin relief,
  • forming a clear face contour,
  • filling deep wrinkles on the cheeks, chin, cheekbone, nose.

Procedure protocol

Before the injection of the filler the skin is treated with a neutral cleansing gel and antiseptic. If the patient has sensitive skin and blood vessels close to the surface, additional anesthesia can be applied. Stylage L Bi-SOFT with lidocaine is injected into the deeper layers of the dermis in the technique chosen by the cosmetologist (depending on the task). After the injection of the gel, the beautician kneads the dense volumetric and gives the corrector the desired shape.

The product is injected deeply, and even with a cannula can damage blood vessels and skin. The bruises and pain that occur after the contour correction disappear on their own within 3 days after the procedure. 

After the correction it is necessary to refrain from visiting the beach, solarium, sauna, drinking alcohol and taking blood thinners.

Results of the procedure

  • voluminous cheekbones, chiseled chin,
  • tightened skin, elimination of ptosis,
  • plump lips,
  • tightened skin on the back of the hand,
  • non-surgical face lift effect,
  • elimination of nasolabial folds and marionette lines.


The list of contraindications for Stylage L Bi-SOFT Lidocaine is standard, as for all fillers: allergies, severe systemic diseases, cancer, epilepsy, any inflammatory processes in the body, pregnancy and lactation, underage.

Storage and transportation

It is necessary to protect the preparation from direct sun exposure. Store in a dry dark place at 2 ° C - 25 ° C.  Do not freeze, do not overheat.


  • Brand

    Stylage Bi-SOFT

  • Main characteristics
  • Indications for use
    Small chin
    Unexpressed cheekbones
    Nasolabial folds
    Facial ptosis
    Hands with thin skin and wrinkles
    Marionette lines
  • Result
    Volume replenishment
    Smoothing of wrinkles
    Eliminating age-related skin problems
  • Application areas
    Nasolabial folds
  • Density
  • Filler base
    Stabilized hyaluronic acid
  • Lidocaine
  • Hyaluronic acid concentration
    24 mg/ml
  • Volume (ml)
    1 ml
  • Duration of action
    up to 12 months
  • Layers of the dermis
  • Country of origin
  • Cross-linking