Juvederm Voluma filler based on hyaluronic acid with lidocaine 1 ml

Juvederm Voluma filler based on hyaluronic acid with lidocaine 1 ml

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  • Brand: Juvederm
  • Density: Very High
  • Lidocaine: Available
  • Hyaluronic acid concentration: 20 mg/ml
  • Volume (ml): 1 ml
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Basic properties

The gel Voluma of the world famous Juvederm brand is produced by Allergan, a member of AbbVie concern (USA). The product is designed for volumetric modeling of facial features. The fused hyaluronic acid-based filler is recommended for injections mainly in the middle third of the face, while it is suitable for correcting the shape of the chin and smoothing deep wrinkles in the perioral zone. The product contains lidocaine, so there is no need for additional local anesthesia.

Main characteristics of Juvederm Voluma filler based on hyaluronic acid with lidocaine 1 ml

The intradermal biodegradable implant is the second thickest of the Juvederm brand Vycross series. The thickest one is Volux, the lighter ones are Volbella and Volift (including the version with reduced Retouch syringe volume). 

The components of the gel for injection are:

  • hyaluronic acid (20 mg/ml), cross-linked by the VYCROSS brand technology - HA molecules are 9 times smaller than usual, so the filler is more plastic and less hydrophilic;
  • lidocaine (3 mg/ml), which relieves pain during skin puncture and gel injection into the derma. Keeping the client in a relaxed state facilitates the work of the cosmetologist and increases the effectiveness of the correction;
  • phosphate buffer (pH 7.2), also reducing swelling after injections.

Hyaluronic acid of non-animal origin, which is well accepted by skin tissues and does not cause allergic reactions, is used for the production of the preparation. The unique technology of cross-linking long and short hyaluronic chains makes the gel plastic and easy to work with, provides a natural effect on the one hand and slows down the biodegradation of the filler on the other.

Juvederm Voluma Injectable Bioimplant is available on our website in ready-to-use sterile syringes of 1 ml with 27G ½ needles, in a box of 2 syringes and 4 needles. 

Application area of Juvederm Voluma filler based on hyaluronic acid with lidocaine 1 ml

The best results after using the product are achieved by women and men aged from 35 to 65 years. The preparation is suitable for volumetric correction at a younger age as well, while the manufacturer recommends intradermal injections at the age of 21 years at the earliest.

Juvederm Voluma is used for:

  • filling deep wrinkles and creases (mostly nasolabial folds);
  • modeling the facial oval, tightening the "jowls";
  • raising the corners of the eyebrows and eyelids;
  • correction of the nose shape;
  • compensation of soft tissue deficiencies in the cheekbones, chin or cheeks;
  • forming a clearer, younger contours of the face.

Hyaluronic gel can be combined with other Juvederm fillers.

Procedure protocol

Before a session of injectable plastics cosmetologist consults with the patient, examines the medical history, makes sure there are no contraindications and informs about the possible side effects, talks about the need to follow the post-procedure regime. The preparation is opened only in the presence of the patient.

The injections are made on the skin cleaned of makeup and impurities and disinfected. The gel is injected into the deep dermis or periosteum with a needle or cannula. It is forbidden to inject the filler into the skin in the sensitive area around the eyes, in the area where there are blood vessels. In the delicate zones thick gel may be contoured. It is undesirable to make correction in areas where another brand of gel was previously injected, until it is completely resorbed.

Result of application

The aesthetic effect of Juvederm Voluma can be observed immediately after the session, the final result is seen in 2-4 weeks. After a single procedure, the face looks younger at least 5 years. In addition to smoothing wrinkles and forming beautiful contours, clients of aesthetic clinics and salons observe improvement in the condition of the skin. The skin on the face acquires an even relief, elasticity and healthy rested look. The effect lasts for a record-breaking 18-24 months.

Redness, bruising, and thickening go away in 4-7 days. To reduce the risk of complications, you should refrain from washing with water and using makeup for 12-24 hours after the session. It is recommended to avoid UV exposure in injection zones for 2 weeks, and also to minimize physical exercises. Visiting baths and saunas during this period is prohibited.


Non-surgical injectable correction is not performed in the following cases: 

  • pregnancy and breastfeeding;
  • low blood clotting and taking anticoagulants;
  • epilepsy;
  • autoimmune disorders;
  • malignant tumors.

In the case of a cold, it is necessary to wait for a complete recovery, in case of skin infection, inflammation, skin damage in the injection area - tissue healing.

Transportation and storage 

Like all other fillers, the volumetric filler is stored at 2 to 20 degrees, away from sources of heat and light. Do not freeze. 


  • Brand


  • Main characteristics
  • Indications for use
    Restoration of lost volumes (cheek and chin areas)
  • Application areas
    Nasolabial folds
  • Density
    Very High
  • Filler base
    Stabilized hyaluronic acid
  • Lidocaine
  • Hyaluronic acid concentration
    20 mg/ml
  • Volume (ml)
    1 ml
  • Duration of action
    up to 18 months
  • Layers of the dermis
  • Country of origin
  • Cross-linking