Juvederm Volux filler based on hyaluronic acid with lidocaine 1 ml

Juvederm Volux filler based on hyaluronic acid with lidocaine 1 ml

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  • Brand: Juvederm
  • Density: High
  • Lidocaine: Available
  • Hyaluronic acid concentration: 25 mg/ml
  • Volume (ml): 1 ml
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Basic properties

Juvederm Volux is a thick filler VYCROSS based on hyaluronic acid of non-animal origin, produced by the world famous company Allergan, which is now a subsidiary of the American holding company AbbVie. The product is suitable for volumetric correction of the lower face and has gained popularity as a product for creating the trendy "Jolie's angles". Due to the lidocaine content of the product, the procedure is painless for the patient and quite comfortable for the cosmetologist.

Main characteristics of Juvederm Volux filler based on hyaluronic acid with lidocaine 1 ml

The intradermal resorbable bio-implant is the thickest product in the Juvederm VYCROSS line, and is a sterile, transparent, highly viscous gel. The product contains:

  • hyaluronic acid at a concentration of 25 mg/ml, which creates additional volume due to the gel buffer, water attraction and activation of the biosynthesis of collagen and elastin fibers;
  • lidocaine (0.3%), which reduces the patient's painful sensations, helps to relax the skin and tone, reducing the procedure time
  • phosphate buffer, which maintains the normal pH level of the intercellular fluid and reduces swelling.

Juvederm Volux differs from other fillers, as well as the entire line, which is produced using VYCROSS technology, by the combination of long and short chains of hyaluronic acid cross-linked to each other. The molecules are 9 times smaller than the HA molecules in the fillers of previous generations. This feature allows the gel to be evenly distributed in the dermal tissues, creating natural contours and preserving the result of volume fillers for as long as possible. The high efficiency of the filler is confirmed by studies and surveys of patients of aesthetic clinics and beauty salons, which were conducted throughout the world.

Injectable Juvederm Volux can be bought both in ready to use syringes of 1 ml, packed in blisters with 2 needles 27G ½, and in whole boxes - 2 sets in the package.

Application area of Juvederm Volux filler based on hyaluronic acid with lidocaine 1 ml

The filler is designed to be applied in the lower third of the face. The product is suitable for people of young (from 18 years old) and mature age.  As shown by studies conducted by Allergan, 51% of respondents believe the ideal oval face shape with a well-defined angle between the neck and chin. Women choose contour plastics to achieve angles of the lower jaw, like Angelina Jolie. For the stronger sex, chin correction is an easy way to make the face more expressive and masculine.

Juvederm Volux injections can be combined with other Juvederm fillers and Botox injections.

Protocol of the procedure

The procedure is performed after prior consultation with the patient and the exclusion of contraindications to injection plastics. Injections can only be performed by a cosmetologist with a medical education, who has been professionally trained to work with the preparation. 

Before injection, the skin is cleaned of makeup, dirt and sebum, and then treated with antiseptic. The gel is injected into the deep dermis or periosteum and distributed with massage movements. The session lasts on average 30-40 minutes. If necessary, a follow-up correction is carried out after 2 weeks.

Results of application

The effect of the performed contour plastics becomes visible on the next day after the injection, but the final result can be assessed in about a month. The procedure performed by a professional makes the face more refined, removes "jowls". The expressed edges of the lower jaw and chin visually look like bone. The price of Juvederm Volux is quite high for a hyaluronic filler, but it pays off with the highest level of quality and safety, as well as results that last up to 24 months.

Punctures, redness and seals under the skin in the injection area go away within a week. In order to avoid complications, patients are advised not to wear make-up or wash with water for 12 hours, not to stay in the sun or the cold for several days, and not to visit a sauna for two weeks.


A non-surgical treatment with Juvederm Volux filler is not performed if 

  • pregnancy and breastfeeding;
  • poor blood clotting;
  • epilepsy;
  • autoimmune diseases;
  • oncology;
  • diabetes mellitus.

Temporary contraindications for injections include taking anticoagulants, wounds and inflammation in the area where the intradermal filler is injected, colds accompanied by high body temperature.

Transportation and storage 

The thickest filler in the line should be stored and transported at a temperature between 2 and 20 degrees Celsius. Do not leave in the sun or near a fire. Do not freeze for transportation.


  • Brand


  • Main characteristics
  • Indications for use
    Restoration of lost volumes (cheek and chin areas)
  • Application areas
  • Density
  • Filler base
    Stabilized hyaluronic acid
  • Lidocaine
  • Hyaluronic acid concentration
    25 mg/ml
  • Volume (ml)
    1 ml
  • Duration of action
    up to 18 months
  • Layers of the dermis
  • Country of origin
  • Cross-linking