PB Serum Slim+, lipase 10 units

PB Serum Slim+, lipase 10 units

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Basic properties

The preparation Slim+ of the Spanish brand PB Serum is produced in the form of lyophilized powder and is intended for injection or machine mesotherapy for excessive fat deposits on the face or body. The lipase-based product is used both alone and in complex programs together with other PB Serum products.

Main characteristics of PB Serum Slim+, lipase 10 units.

PB Serum Slim+ Professional Lipolytic is produced by Proteos Biotech (Spain), a part of the Moehs Group pharmaceutical holding company, and along with Drain+ and Smooth+ enzyme lyophilisates and is a part of the Cosmeceuticals series. 

The basis of the product line are enzymes - proteins that activate metabolic processes in the subcutaneous fatty tissue. The following enzymes are present in three preparations of the company: 

  • Lipase - PB Serum Slim+ , 
  • Collagenase - PB Smooth+,
  • Hyaluronidase - PB Drain+.

PB Serum enzymes are obtained biotechnologically from microorganisms: Thermus thermophilus; Clostridium histolyticum; Streptococcus pyogenes. 

Drain+ preparation based on hyaluronidase has anti-cellulite and anti-edematous effects.  Smooth+ - collagenase powder helps to eliminate cellulite, stretch marks, and has a pronounced lifting effect.

The active ingredient of Slim+, lipase PB500, reaches the deeper layers of the skin:

  • by breaking down triglycerides to glycerol reduces the size of fat cells;
  • accelerates metabolic processes in tissues;
  • prevents fat accumulation in adipocytes.

The preparation belongs to the indirect lipolytics, because lipase does not destroy adipocytes, but only provokes and accelerates the metabolic processes inside the fat cells. The enzyme is of microbiological origin and is hormone-independent, so it has a strong, but maximum physiological lipolytic activity and does not cause any side effects.

The product in powder form is available for sale in glass vials. PB Serum Slim+ Lipase is priced well for cosmetologists and their patients, as it is suitable for different areas and can be applied in a variety of ways.

Under the name Slim without the "+" mark, a mixture of lipase and hyaluronic acid is available. This cocktail is not suitable for injections and is only used externally - for massage or apparatus procedures.

Application area of PB Serum Slim+, lipase 10 units.

Intradermal or subcutaneous injection of PB500 lipase is recommended for:

  • elimination of hernias of the upper and lower eyelid;
  • getting rid of double chin and "bulldog cheeks";
  • lifting of face oval;
  • getting rid of lipomas;
  • correction of the withers ("widow's hump");
  • reducing fat deposits on the neck and shoulders, arms, back and abdomen;
  • reducing the volume of the waist, hips, buttocks.

The product can be used for correction of fat deposits for young and mature men and women, but is not recommended for adolescents under 18 years old. The product is suitable for dry and sensitive, normal and oily skin. The presence of pigment spots is not an obstacle to cosmetic manipulations.

Procedure protocol

The contents of the vial is diluted with 5 ml of 0.9% physiological sodium chloride solution and kept for 2-3 minutes, mixed gently (but without shaking). The suspension is used for:

  • procedures with mesoroller;
  • electroporation - injection-free mesotherapy, radiofrequency lifting, cavitation, ultra phonophoresis;
  • injections into subcutaneous fat tissue (hypodermis).

The recommended needle size for injections is 30G, 13 mm (for areas with thin fat layer) and 27G, 25 mm (for large fat folds).

The procedure is carried out after prior consultation with the patient and exclusion of contraindications. If the injection method of lipolytic is chosen, the skin is treated with an antiseptic. To reduce painful sensations, lidocaine or local anesthesia is added to the suspension.

The course of procedures using only Slim + or in combination with Drain + and Smooth + consists of 3-8 sessions, their exact number and the interval is determined individually.

Result of application

Lipolytic effect can be seen after just one treatment.  Facial features become more refined, volumes in problem areas of the body are reduced, the structure of the skin improves, the surface becomes tighter.

Within 3 days after the session, patients should avoid heat exposure to the treated areas, refrain from spending a long time near a fire or fireplace and from taking a hot bath or sauna. In addition, you should protect the injected areas from exposure to UV rays.


The use of lipolytic is prohibited during pregnancy and lactation, autoimmune disorders, exacerbation of chronic diseases, inflammatory processes near the area of application of the preparation.

Storage and transportation 

Due to lyophilization that allows to dehydrate the product and then freeze it, the shelf life of the preparation is greatly increased. 
The enzymes retain 100% of their properties without preservatives. The product is stored in the temperature range of 1-30ºC, so a refrigerator is not required.


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