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Fillers for the cheeks - their peculiarities


    Fillers for creating extra volume in the cheeks - these are preparations that are injected to return the lost volume in the cheek area, smooth wrinkles, create skin tension, eliminate ptosis, rejuvenate the face oval, make the features more soft and round.

    High filler density, cross-linking and the ability to resist dynamic loading (since the cheeks are a mobile zone) are the features that distinguish cheeks fillers. The price of such preparations can be quite high, due to the rheological properties of the fillers. Cheeks fillers are volumetric gels, they have a fairly large depth of injection - from the dermis (medium density fillers for people with thin skin) to the periosteum (the most viscoelastic fillers). 

    Below we have described a number of problems that are reasons to buy cheek fillers:

    • To give the face smooth features, to balance the proportions;
    • Drooping cheeks, the appearance of "jowls" due to age or weight loss;
    • Ptosis and loose skin on the cheeks;
    • Sharp cheekbones, sunken cheeks;
    • Cheek wrinkles.

    What are the types of fillers for the cheeks?

    • Hyaluronic cheek fillers (the price can range from cheap Korean volumetric preparations to the premium segment of European dynamic dense correctors),
    • Cheek fillers on the basis of calcium hydroxyapatite (the price will be higher than that of hyaluronic fillers, due to the prolonged action of HAC in the skin),
    • Cheek fillers based on polylactic acid (the price will also be higher than that of hyaluronic fillers).

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    As a result of cheek correction with fillers, the facial oval is lifted, the skin becomes smoother, and the facial features are rejuvenated. Such cheek correction with fillers reverses the "triangle" of beauty that has sagged over the years. 

    Contraindications for injecting cheek fillers are as follows:

    • oncology,
    • neuralgic diseases, epilepsy,
    • diabetes mellitus,
    • autoimmune diseases,
    • tendency to form keloid scars,
    • acute course of viral diseases,
    • allergy to the components of fillers for the cheeks,
    • taking thrombolytics and anticoagulants,
    • pregnancy and lactation,
    • blood clotting disorders,
    • age under 18 years old.

    After injection, it is recommended to follow the rules of post-procedure care: avoid taking alcohol and rough food, which should be carefully chewed. The first few days do not sleep with your face on the pillow. For 2 weeks, stop going to the sauna, solarium, going to the beach and visiting open reservoirs, avoid heavy physical workouts. You should protect your skin with a high UV-protection cream.