Lotion WiQo P Solution

Lotion WiQo P Solution

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  • Brand: WiQo
  • Application: Cleansing, Toning, Hydration
  • Volume (ml): 300 ml
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Basic properties

Main characteristics of the cleansing lotion WiQo P Solution

This product by the Italian manufacturer - the company WiQo - is a professional preparation for pilling, as well as for any apparatus and injection procedures. Enriched composition favourably distinguishes WiQo P Solution lotion from other brands. The price of the product corresponds to its effectiveness and economical consumption. 
The composition of the lotion contains the following components:

  • glycolic acid 5% - glycolic acid for exfoliation of dead epidermal cells,
  • lactic acid 5% - lactic acid for deep moisturizing and exfoliation of skin cells,
  • lactobionic acid 1% - lactobionic acid for chelation (changing the state of substances for better penetration and absorption),
  • citric acid 1% - citric acid for antioxidant protection,
  • phytic acid 1% - phytic acid to normalize sebum secretion and deep cleansing of pores. 

Thanks to the natural ingredients, the product is suitable for any skin type, including sensitive skin. You can buy WiQo P Solution on the website of Filler Shop in a 300 ml package. 

Application area of WiQo P Solution

The main purpose of the lotion is to cleanse the skin before the procedure, but its range of action is much wider. Treatment with WiQo P Solution is indicated before PRX-T33 pilling, contouring, mesotherapy, biorevitalization, laser procedures. The lotion is used as a skin degreaser.
The product can also be additionally used to eliminate the signs of photoaging, in the treatment of acne, hyperkeratosis, removal of scars, to narrow pores. 

Procedure protocol 

Before applying the lotion in preparation for the procedure the skin should be cleaned with a soft neutral gel. The skin should then be dried and the P Solution lotion should be applied using a gauze cloth or disc. After application, the product can be left on.

Result of the procedure

The degreasing lotion has the following effect:

  • Gently degreases the skin, preparing it for the procedure,
  • Cleanses without drying out the skin,
  • Removes heavy metals from the skin,
  • Reduces the pH level,
  • Smoothes skin texture, thus providing more even penetration of PRX-T33 or any other active ingredient,

By applying WiQo P Solution Lotion before the procedure, the stimulation of the skin after the exfoliation is more noticeable and the damage is minimized.  


There are no special contraindications for applying the lotion. However, considering the acid content, it is better to avoid applying the product if you have skin irritations, lesions, during herpes in the active stage, during pregnancy and breastfeeding. 


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  • Type
  • Product group
    Make-up removal
  • Main characteristics
  • Indications for use
    Skin flabbiness
    Dry and flaky skin
  • Application
  • Skin type
    For all types
  • Application time
  • Presence of SPF
    Not available
  • Application areas
  • Volume (ml)
    300 ml
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