White cosmetic pencil Croma

White cosmetic pencil Croma

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Basic properties

The pencil of the famous Austrian brand Croma in white color is an accessory necessary in the work of cosmetologists, aesthetic beauticians, tattoos, tattooists, as well as eyebrow artists and makeup artists. The product is used for marking and is in demand among professionals in the beauty sector due to its environmental friendliness, convenience in work and versatility, the possibility to use it on different areas of the face and body, including sensitive areas.

Main characteristics

The marking pencil is produced by Croma Pharma, a world-renowned manufacturer of cosmetic products. Its products are officially represented in more than 100 countries, with branches in Belgium, the Netherlands, Poland, Sweden, Norway, Germany, France, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, the USA and Canada.

The companies of the pharmaceutical concern produce:

  • fillers;
  • preparations for biorevitalization;
  • absorbable threads for facelift;
  • professional and care cosmetics - creams, serums, masks.

In January 2022, the company partnered with South Korean manufacturer Hugel Inc. released a product for injections based on botulinum toxin.

The marking pencils are available in white and black colours. The design of the wooden lead frame is the same in both cases, the black pencil has a cap of the same color, the white one has a transparent cap. The use of auxiliary materials for work from a well-known brand, guarantees their safety and increases the confidence of clients in the master, salon or aesthetic clinic.

Despite the fact that the price of the Croma white cosmetic pencil is higher than that of similar products of other brands, its purchase remains more profitable for cosmetologists, because the product can be ordered together with injectable products, without overpaying for delivery. In our store the purchase is possible both in retail and wholesale.

Area of application

It is necessary to buy a white cosmetology pencil Croma for work:

  • cosmetologists - for marking puncture sites for the introduction of fillers, Botox, lipolytics;
  • specialists in permanent makeup and tattoos - for fixing the sketch;
  • masters who make piercing of ears, eyebrows, nose, navel, etc;
  • browmakers - for contouring of eyebrows when correcting and applying a coloring agent;
  • make-up artists - for creation of desired visual effects.

A simple cosmetic device suitable for both professional and home use for girls who do their own makeup.

Procedure protocol

If a white pencil is used before injections on the face skin, anesthesia can be applied after marking. The marking adheres well to the surface of the skin. Working with a pencil is simple and comfortable. The lead creates a clear and even line, does not crumble and does not form lumps. There is no need in a strong pressure during marking, creating sketches and contours.

The device is made of environmentally friendly materials, there are no toxic substances in the pencil. Using the pencil for marking or makeup does not cause allergic reactions.

Result of application

The white pencil by Croma brand is popular with cosmetologists, beauty salon specialists and tattoo artists thanks to:

  • comfort in operation;
  • application only on the surface of the epidermis and excluding the penetration of the contents of the pencil into the pores;
  • safety and hypoallergenicity;
  • no marks on the skin after removing the markings;
  • economical consumption - the lead wipes off very slowly;
  • no need for frequent sharpening, which saves a lot of time.

In case it is used as an element of makeup - to correct aesthetic flaws and create various visual effects - the pencil stays on all day. When it is used for marking, white traces are easily washed off with warm water or a damp napkin. Dark clothing stained with the lead can be washed without any problems.


There are no health-related restrictions on the use of the pencil. It can be safely used in the modeling of eyebrows and application as decorative cosmetics. Contraindications are provided only for injection procedures, tattoos and permanent makeup. They include pregnancy and lactation, blood clotting disorders, decompensation of diabetes mellitus, infectious skin diseases.


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