RRS HA Skin Relax with BoNta 568

RRS HA Skin Relax with BoNta 568

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Basic properties

The meso-cocktail HA Skin Relax from the RRS line produced by the Spanish company Aesthetic Dermal is designed for the correction of expression wrinkles. The complex formula including hyaluronic acid and peptide complex has a muscle relaxing effect similar to that of botulinum toxins. Therefore, injections of the product can replace botulinum toxin therapy or be used together with botulinum toxin injections.

Main characteristics

The RRS line includes popular injection products - preparations for biorevitalization and mesotherapy cocktails for:

  • skin improvement and rejuvenation around the eyes;
  • facelift;
  • lightening of pigment spots;
  • combating hair loss and thinning;
  • elimination of "orange peel".

The formulas of RRS cosmetology products are designed taking into account the tasks they perform. A solution with a relaxing effect contains:

  • unstabilized hyaluronic acid at a concentration of 1 mg/ml;
  • complex BoNta 568 - Botulinic Neurotoxin Alpha of penta-, hexa- and octapeptides (numbers 5, 6 and 8 correspond to the number of amino acids in the peptide chain).

Complex BoNta 568, which acts like botulinum toxin, partially reduces the activity of neurotransmitters, thus limiting the contraction of facial muscles. Hyaluronic acid fills the skin folds and provides long-lasting hydration of the tissues. 

The product belongs to the III class of medical products. Its safety is confirmed by the European certificate of conformity.

RRS HA Skin Relax with BoNta 568 can be purchased in 3 ml syringes. The manufacturer supplies to the market 3 variants of packages - with one, three and six syringes.

Application area

The injection product is designed for intradermal injection in facial areas with active facial expressions (around the eyes, mouth, forehead and eyebrows). The product is also suitable for improvement and rejuvenation of the skin of the neck and decollete.

The indications for mesotherapy with RRS HA Skin Relax are:

  • "crow's feet";
  • wrinkles on the bridge of the nose;
  • horizontal forehead wrinkles;
  • vertical lip lines;
  • sagging, atony skin;
  • photoaging and photodamaged skin.

The injection product is suitable for women and men of any age. However, the producer does not recommend mesotherapy for adolescents under 18 years of age. The procedure provides the best results in the 30-40 age group.

Procedure protocol

The mesotherapy session is performed after consultation with the patient and exclusion of contraindications. The skin in the area to be aesthetically corrected is treated with an antiseptic. If the patient wishes, local anesthesia can be used.

The solution is injected intradermally at the superficial level using a 32G needle. The injections are performed in a papule, microbolus techniques. 

To achieve the desired result, we recommend a course of 3 treatments performed 2-3 weeks apart. A supporting series of sessions may be performed every 3 months.

Mesotherapy can be combined with Botox injections, and an interval of 2 weeks is mandatory (the order of procedures does not matter). Cocktail injections can be performed together with injections of filler, there are no restrictions on keeping an interval. 

Result of application

The effect of RRS HA Skin Relax with BoNta 568 mesotherapy is immediate and increases with each new treatment. The papules and redness from the injections disappear within 1-3 days. On the day of the procedure it is not recommended to use decorative cosmetics, for a few days it is necessary to limit physical activity, to refrain from sauna and spa procedures, swimming pool visits and drinking alcohol. For 2 weeks, the injection area should be protected from ultraviolet light.


Intradermal injection of mesotherapy cocktail is prohibited during:

  • pregnancy and during breastfeeding;
  • low blood clotting;
  • taking anticoagulants;
  • decompensated diabetes;
  • individual intolerance to the components of the solution;
  • severe allergies and anaphylactic shock in anamnesis.

The procedure should be postponed in case of acute respiratory infections, as well as inflammation of the skin in the area of the supposed injections.

Storage and transportation 

Keep the preparation at the temperature from +2C to +30C, away from sunlight and heat sources. Do not freeze.