Prostrolane Inner-B, meso cocktail with lifting effect 2 ml

Prostrolane Inner-B, meso cocktail with lifting effect 2 ml

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  • Brand: Prostrolane
  • Composition features: peptides
  • Hyaluronic acid concentration: 0,7%
  • Volume (ml): 2 ml
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Basic properties

Meso cocktail lipo-reducer Prostrolane Inner-B, produced by the South Korean manufacturer Caregen Co. The combination of hyaluronic acid and 4 types of peptides has not only lipolytic but also lifting effects, triggers the natural processes of rejuvenation. The injection product is ideal for patients with gravitational type of aging.

Main characteristics of Prostrolane Inner-B, meso cocktail with lifting effect 2 ml

The name Inner-B stands for "inner beauty" - beauty from within. The solution for intradermal injection does not have a destructive effect on adipocytes and therefore belongs to the lipolytics of indirect action. The fat-burning effect of the meso cocktail is due to:

  • activation of AMPK - a protein involved in fat burning during physical activity;
  • suppression of lipogenesis, preventing the accumulation of fat deposits.

The preparation contains:

  • stabilized hyaluronic acid (7 mg/ml); 
  • Octapeptide-11;
  • Nonapeptide-32;
  • Tripeptide-41;
  • Pentapeptide-43.

Biomimetic peptides trigger the process of lipolysis, reducing the accumulation of lipids in fat cells, stimulate fibroblast polyproliferation and activate the synthesis of collagen. Hyaluronic acid provides preservation of the unified structure of the peptide complex, as well as the long-lasting effect of the injection lipolysis procedure.

The product provides a double positive effect on the subcutaneous fatty tissue and dermis:

  • Fat reduction-effect - reduced rate of adipocyte division after each treatment,
  • Face lift-effect - non-surgical "lifting" due to tissue restructuring and peptide restoration of protein fibers of the skin "skeleton".

Meso cocktail does not cause the death of adipocytes and penetration into the body of the products of their decay. The active ingredients of the product work locally without affecting the adjacent tissues. Accordingly, the injection does not pose a health hazard, does not cause complications, side effects are negligible, and the process of indirect lipolysis acceleration in this case is painless.

You can buy Prostrolane Inner-B on the website in sterile syringes of 2 ml, without needles.

Application area of Prostrolane Inner-B, meso cocktail with lifting effect 2 ml

Fat-burning injections are performed in the following areas:

  • the lower third of the face: chin, cheeks, "jowls";
  • arms - from the shoulder joint to the elbow;
  • abdomen;
  • flanks and folds on the back;
  • buttocks;
  • fat above the knees.

The main task of meso cocktail is to remove fat deposits in the areas where their presence is caused by genetic predisposition or metabolic disorders, and diet and physical activity are not able to remove excess volume.

To eliminate fat bags under the eyes it is recommended to use Inner-B SE cocktail by the Prostrolane brand, which is specially designed for injections in the delicate periorbital area.

For maximum effect, the manufacturer recommends combining injectable lipolysis with RF-lifting and physical exercises.

The lipo-reduction procedure is recommended for women and men after the age of 25.

Procedure protocol

Injections are performed in the subcutaneous fat after treatment of the skin with antiseptic. Local anesthesia is used at the request of the patient (often, as punctures are made at a fairly deep depth). 

The techniques used for the procedures are:

  • microbolus;
  • using a cannula.

Recommended needle sizes are 30G (0.3x4 mm) and 32G (0.4x12 mm).

After injections, the cosmetologist wipes off blood and massages the treated areas. The puncture areas are re-disinfected.

The mesotherapeutic course consists of 4 sessions, which are carried out at 4 week intervals. The schedule of supporting procedures is prescribed on an individual basis.

Result of application

The price of Prostrolane Inner-B is practically the same as lipolytics of other brands, but this meso cocktail has additional benefits. In addition to reducing fat deposits, the results of the procedures are a clearer facial oval, reduced sagging of tissues, and increased skin elasticity.

After injections of lipo reductor there is no swelling and bruising typical for most injection procedures. Puncture marks, bruises and papules disappear in a few days. 

To avoid complications on the day of the procedure, patients should refrain from drinking coffee, alcohol, and using cosmetics, it is desirable to limit touching the treated areas until the healing of the skin. For 2 weeks, it is recommended to protect the injected areas from UV rays.


Beauty injections are not carried out if: 

  • the patient is under 18 years old;
  • pregnancy, lactation;
  • blood clotting disorders;
  • systemic diseases;
  • oncology;
  • severe endocrine disorders.

Temporary contraindications to the procedure are inflammatory processes in the body, skin infections and taking anticoagulants.

Storage and transportation 

Storage and transportation conditions for indirect lipolytic are identical to the general recommendations for injection preparations. Temperature from +2C to +25C, away from heat and sunlight, without freezing. The expiration date is to be seen on the package.


  • Brand


  • Main characteristics
  • Indications for use
    Double chin
    Localized fat deposits
  • Composition features
  • Hyaluronic acid concentration
  • Volume (ml)
    2 ml
  • Duration of action
    up to 9 months
  • Layers of the dermis
  • Country of origin
    South Korea