PB Serum Triada, lipolytic for face and body

PB Serum Triada, lipolytic for face and body

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Basic properties

Enzymes are active components that regulate the activity of the body at the cellular level, speeding up or slowing down bioprocesses. They are actively used in indirect chemical lipolysis, when the adipocyte is not damaged, but decreases in volume and fission rate due to the effect of enzymes on metabolism.

PB Serum Triada is a complex of preparations based on three enzymes (hyaluronidase, collagenase and lipase) produced by the Italian company Proteos Biotech, a member of the Moehs Group pharmaceutical holding company. The funds are used for the preparation of the suspension, which is injected to get rid of localized fat deposits on the face and certain areas of the body, to eliminate fibrosis, swelling, cellulite and stretch marks. Individually selected combinations of enzymes are used for rejuvenation procedures, removal of scars and post acne scars.

Main characteristics of PB Serum Triada, lipolytic for face and body

A set of enzymes is available in the form of lyophilisates. Lipase, hyaluronidase and collagenase are contained in separate glass vials of 5 ml. Each contains 10 units of enzymes in powder form. If complex treatments are required, PB Serum Triada is more economical than buying several enzyme preparations separately. 

The enzyme complex includes:

  • Slim+ Professional - lipase that reduces the volume of adipocytes without destroying the cell membrane;
  • Drain+ Professional - hyaluronidase, which has a lymphatic drainage effect, eliminates edema and improves tissue trophism;
  • Smooth+ Professional - collagenase that destroys pathological forms of collagen and promotes the growth of young, healthy collagen fibers.

Genetically engineered enzymes enhance biochemical processes in dermal and hypodermic tissues and provide a permanent fat-burning and rejuvenating effect without plastic surgery, burning, pain and recovery period.

The PB Serum Triada injection kit can only be purchased on our website by cosmetologists. To make a purchase it is necessary to confirm that you are a specialist, because despite the indirect effect of lipolytic, PB Serum Triada is a medical product.

Application area of PB Serum Triada, lipolytic for face and body

The combination of three enzymes is used for injections in the areas:

  • face - predominantly in the lower third, sometimes also in the area around the eyes;
  • neck;
  • shoulders and arms; 
  • back;
  • abdomen;
  • hips, buttocks, and knees.

Indications for Triada injections are:

  • sagging of the upper eyelid, hernias in the area around the eyes, swelling of tissues in the periorbital area;
  • skin flabbiness in the face and body;
  • post acne scars, post-burn scars and other types of scars;
  • "floating" facial oval, deformational ptosis;
  • overhanging fat above the nasolabial folds;
  • eyebrows;
  • double chin;
  • widow's hump;
  • excess volume, fatty folds in various parts of the body;
  • stretch marks;
  • cellulite;
  • fat above the knees.

The enzyme solution can be given to women and men, to young people from the age of 18 and to older patients.

Procedure protocol

The contents of all three vials are mixed separately with 2.5 ml (for face) or 5 ml (for body) of 0.9% sodium chloride solution. At first the saline solution is poured into the vial with a syringe, stirred gently, then wait 2-3 minutes and stirred again, but without intensive shaking. Collagenase, lipase and hyaluronidase suspensions are mixed in equal or other proportions depending on the task. If there are hyaluronic acid-based fillers in the facial dermal tissues, hyaluronidase is not used. Before injections, the areas to be injected are disinfected and anesthetized.

The course of injections for face is 1-3 procedures at intervals of 1-4 weeks, for body - from 3 to 8 procedures.

Result of application

Lipolytic, lymphatic drainage and lifting effects are already visible after the first treatment. Fat tissue volume decreases, facial features become more refined and the figure looks slimmer. Scars and wrinkles become less visible, "orange peel" is smoothed out. The overall condition of the skin improves.

There are usually no side effects. In some cases, there may be painful sensations and bruises, which disappear in a few days. During 1-2 weeks after the procedures, it is necessary to follow your drinking regime - drink no less than 2 liters of water a day, refrain from alcohol, heavy and high-calorie food. In addition, you need to limit physical activity, refrain from sunbathing and bathing procedures. It is necessary to protect exposed areas of the face and body with a cream with SPF no less than 40.


Triada injections are not recommended during pregnancy and the first months of breastfeeding, in case of blood clotting, exacerbation of chronic diseases, inflammatory processes in the body and skin infections in the injection areas.

Storage and transportation 

The storage temperature of Triada should not exceed +30C. The preparation is unpretentious about the conditions, as lyophilisate is stored longer and better than liquid preparations. But it is better to protect the package from direct sunlight and freezing.


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