PB Serum Low 1.5 ml (lipolytic for face and body)

PB Serum Low 1.5 ml (lipolytic for face and body)

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Basic properties

PB Serum Low meso cococktail lipolytic produced by Proteos Biotech, a Spanish laboratory belonging to the Moehs Group pharmaceutical holding company, consists of 3 types of enzymes and hyaluronic acid. The product is used for injectable correction of under-eye swelling caused by tissue fibrosis, elimination of malar bags and skin flabbiness.

Main characteristics of PB Serum Low, lipolytic for face and body 1,5 ml

The product Low is a part of the PB Serum range, which includes 3 mesotherapeutic agents, consisting of the same components and differing in their concentration and proportional ratio. The cocktail High with a maximum proportion of collagenase is designed to get rid of scars of varying depth and origin, postoperative fibrosis, stretch marks, cellulite. Medium, which is dominated by lipase, effectively fights lipomas, fat deposits on the face and body. 

Serum Low has a balanced formula (all enzymes are used in equal amounts) and provides a pronounced lymphatic drainage and lifting effect. It is chosen for injections in the most delicate areas.

  • PB Serum High - fight against fibrosis,
  • PB Serum Medium - liporeduction and anti-fibrotic effect,
  • PB Serum Low - drainage and lifting.

The active components of lipolytic PB Serum Low are:

  • hormone-independent lipase, thanks to which lipolysis processes are improved, adipocytes are reduced in size and the volume of soft tissues is reduced;
  • lyase - a kind of hyaluronidase with a weak effect on hyaluronic acid, which improves the rheological properties of the dermal matrix, activates metabolism in tissues, has an anti-edematous effect;
  • collagenase of two types, which, on the one hand, removes pathological forms of collagen and, on the other hand, stimulates the growth of healthy collagen fibers;
  • stabilized hyaluronic acid (8 mg/ml), which has an antifibrotic and anti-inflammatory effect and is essential for the proper reorganization of collagen fibers.

Mesotherapy kit consists of:

  • vial with enzymatic lyophilisate;
  • 1.5 ml syringe with hyaluronic acid in a package with a plastic cannula;
  • 18 ml vial with buffer solution.

The price for injections of European PB Serum Low is high, but it is important to consider that one set is enough to treat a sufficiently large area. At the same time the purity and quality of the Spanish enzyme preparation ensures high efficiency of liporeduction with the absence of pain and side effects typical for direct lipolytics.

Application area of PB Serum Low, lipolytic for face and body 1.5 ml

The product is used mainly in the periorbital area, but can also be applied to the face and parts of the body.

The indications for PB Serum Low injections include:

  • swelling of the eyelids;
  • facial pastosity;
  • malar bags;
  • upper and lower eyelid hernias;
  • sagging, atonic skin;
  • edematous cellulite.

The product is suitable for women and men aged 30+, regardless of the aging morphotype.

Procedure protocol

Hyaluronic acid is mixed with enzymes until dissolved and then added to the buffer solution. Lidocaine (20 mg/ml) can be added to the mixture to reduce the patient's pain during the injections.

The meso cocktail is injected into the skin at different depths depending on the purpose of the procedure. If you need to improve the tone of the skin, you should choose intradermal injection (2-3 mm). To correct swelling, pastosity, the solution is injected into the subcutaneous fat to a depth of 6-12 mm.

From 3 to 20 ml of the ready solution can be used for one procedure. For treatment of the eye area only 0,3 to 2 ml.

The course consists of 2-4 procedures that are carried out at intervals of 3-4 weeks.

Result of application

The mesotherapeutic effect becomes visible after the first session and increases with every session. Swelling after injections passes within 2 days.

To avoid complications, maintain a quiet lifestyle without excessive physical activity for 1-2 days after injections. It is not allowed to go to a sauna or a swimming pool. For 2 weeks you should avoid tanning. If you go outside in sunny weather, you must always use sun protection cream with SPF 50.


Contraindications to the procedure are similar to those applicable to any mesotherapy procedure. These include:

  • blood clotting problems;
  • autoimmune and systemic disorders;
  • liver and kidney function disorders;
  • decompensation of diabetes mellitus;
  • inflammatory processes in the body;
  • pregnancy, lactation.

At least 14 days must pass from the moment of vaccination to the mesotherapy session.

Storage and transportation 

The form of storage of lyophilisate allows storing the preparation without refrigeration. It is better to remove the package from the open sun, the temperature varies from +1 to +30. 


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