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Basic properties

Mesotherapy injection preparation Alidya, which is produced by the Italian company Marllor Biomedical, is designed specifically to eliminate the effects of gynoid lipodystrophy and the prevention of cellulite. After a course of procedures, performed by a professional cosmetologist, the relief of the skin is smoothed, and the body contours become more tightened.

Main characteristics Alidya

The injectable cocktail formula was created by Professor Pasquale Motolose, who also developed the lipolytic Aqualyx in 2009. Alydya appeared on the market in 2014 and became known worldwide as "the second Motolose solution". However, unlike Aqualyx, it does not directly remove fat deposits (including in the face area) and is used exclusively on the body.

The product is used as a more effective alternative to massages and wraps. The active ingredients of the product, which help to fight "orange peel" are:

  • amino acids (L-isoleusine, L-lysine, L-proline, L-glycine, SH metionine and others);
  • A-D-glucopiranose; 
  • Manitol;
  • A-1-4 glycosidic; 
  • Calcium Abcordate;
  • Na EDTA; 
  • NaHCO3;
  • sodium chloride;
  • osmotic regulators.

The amino acid complex is contained in a powder in ampoules, the liquid for injection is obtained by mixing it with the solution from the vials. In Filler Shop you can buy the product Alidya both in sets of 5 ampoules and 5 vials, and each set separately.

The anti-cellulite product is registered by the Italian Institute of Health as a Class III medicine.

Area of application Alidya

Adipocytolytic solution is injected into the hypodermis in areas of flabby or lumpy skin. Injections can be performed in the area:

  • legs;
  • thighs;
  • buttocks;
  • the upper arms.

The product is suitable for young and old women (less often for men, since more testosterone makes skin bumpiness much less common) and gives excellent results if skin bumps have been caused by fluid accumulation in the tissues. Mesotherapy with Aqualyx can also be recommended after liposuction.

The product is suitable for young and old women (less often for men, since more testosterone makes skin lumpiness much less common) and gives excellent results if the unevenness of the skin has been caused by fluid accumulation in the tissues. Mesotherapy with Aqualyx can also be recommended after liposuction.

The mesococktail is used to prevent the development of cellulite and is very effective in the early stages of pathological changes in the subcutaneous fat. The product is also used to treat lipedema of the lower extremities - alone or in combination with Aqualyx.

Procedure protocol

Injections may only be performed by a doctor who has received special training and certification.
The consumption of the preparation for one procedure is determined based on the weight of the patient:

  • up to 65 kg - 1 ampoule + 1 vial;
  • over 65 kg - 2 ampoules and 2 vials.

One portion of the preparation (powder + solution) is suitable for an area of 10x10 cm. The recommended needle size is 30G. Injection treatment of problem areas takes about 30 minutes. For patients sensitive to pain, local anesthesia is used.

To achieve the desired effect, a course of 7-12 sessions is necessary, while 7 sessions are sufficient to prevent cellulite. The interval between treatments is 1 week (sometimes 2 weeks). To maintain the result, the course should be repeated annually.

There is no rehabilitation period. The patient can immediately return to normal life, but it is necessary to follow simple restrictions. During the day, the treated areas are undesirable to touch by hands. In addition, you should refuse to use cosmetics, hot baths, tanning in the sun or tanning beds, going to the sauna.

Result of application

The unique formula of the mesococktail promotes

  • acceleration of blood circulation in problem areas;
  • normalization of lymphatic flow;
  • activation of metabolic processes in tissues and, consequently, dissolution and excretion of toxins;
  • restoration of physiological functions of fat cells - adipocytes and reconstruction of the structure of subcutaneous fat;
  • saturating tissues with oxygen;
  • restoration of the normal pH level of the dermis.

The anti-cellulite effect becomes visible after 2-3 sessions. The "orange peel" gradually disappears, the relief of the skin is smoothed, the skin becomes firm. Body contours become more attractive.


Mesotherapy injections are not permitted in cases of:

  • pregnancy and breastfeeding;
  • blood clotting disorders, taking anticoagulants;
  • diabetes;
  • autoimmune disorders;
  • thyroid, liver and kidney diseases.

It is forbidden to mix the preparation with other substances.


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