Radiesse is a calcium hydroxyapatite based filler (CaHA)

Radiesse is a calcium hydroxyapatite based filler (CaHA)

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  • Brand: Radiesse
  • Density: High
  • Lidocaine: Not available
  • Hyaluronic acid concentration: does not contain
  • Volume (ml): 0,8 ml
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Basic properties

The history of the existence of a biostimulator based on calcium hydroxyapatite CaHA Radiesse has more than 20 years of successful use in medicine and cosmetology. The product of the German concern Merz was once developed by the American company BioForm Medical, which was the first to use CaHA to compensate for soft tissue deficiency in HIV-infected patients, as well as in dentistry and surgery. When it became clear that the introduction of the product provides not only an effective replenishment of soft tissue volumes, but also triggers the process of neocollagenesis, the pharmaceutical giant Merz bought out a unique development and ensured the drug's entry into the international market.

The application of the calcium hydroxyapatite filler Radiesse

The results of the correction are invariably impressive: during a session that lasts from 30 to 60 minutes, the cosmetologist is able to perform contour correction, comparable in effect to plastic surgery.

Indications for Radiesse application:

  • sagging of the "beauty triangle" - the most difficult area for correction of the lower third of the face,
  • the formation of deep nasolabial folds,
  • correction of age-related or traumatic deformities of facial areas,
  • correction of the shape of the nose, earlobes,
  • ptosis and drooping of the cheekbones, cheeks, and chin line,
  • insufficient volume of the chin and zygomatic part of the face,
  • deficiency of soft tissues in the face, neck, décolleté, hands,
  • removal of scars.

Dense filler Radiesse  is not suitable for correcting the mobile forehead or the delicate perioral and periorbital areas. The gel is also not suitable for lip augmentation. 

Radiesse - the advantages of the filler

The first stage of correction with Radiesse involves a vector lifting and tightening of the "beauty triangle". Visual rejuvenation is ensured by the volumizing effect of the dense gel in the deep layers of the dermis. 

After 6-9 months the process of biodegradation of micro-granules of calcium hydroxyapatite begins, and the second stage - neocollagenesis - begins, which prolongs the effect of the filler up to 2 years.

The released particles of the product begin to interact with the patient's own tissues, stimulating the formation of new fibroblasts and collagen fibers. It is their own collagen fibers that are the "framework" for non-surgical facial contour tightening over the long term. 

The difference between Radiesse and products based on hyaluronic acid

  1. The effect of fillers based on hyaluronic acid is limited to a period of 6-9 months. At the same time, Radiesse guarantees a prolonged effect of up to 15 months.
  2. The effect of volumization with calcium hydroxyapatite is visually more noticeable. This is due to the denser structure of the filler.
  3. Calcium hydroxyapatite is a natural, native substance compatible with patient tissues, which is a synthetic analog of human bone tissue. Radiesse Gel is composed of calcium hydroxyapatite microspheres and a gel buffer that holds the particles and transports them to areas of the dermis in need of correction.
  4. Radiesse filler has been used for medical purposes for more than 20 years, it has proven its effectiveness and safety, so its use in the aesthetic industry is accompanied by extremely positive feedback from patients and cosmetologists.
  5. Unlike hyaluronic acid, CaHA is not a hydrophilic substance, so Radiesse lifting does not provoke swelling, and the recovery period is minimal. 
  6. The dense structure of Radiesse ensures the absence of filler migration, however, at the same time, it requires more experience and skill of the cosmetologist in handling the filler.

Radiesse product range

One of the peculiarities of these drugs is a small selection of positions.

On the Filler Shop website, Radiesse is available in 0.8 ml and 1.5 ml packs.

The volume of 0.8 ml is suitable for the aesthetic correction of mild to moderate age-related changes, as well as for improving the relief, tone and elasticity of the skin.

For a significant replenishment of lost volume, volume in the cheeks, cheekbones and chin, as well as for modeling facial contours, cosmetologists use 1.5 ml.

Preparations of both forms are presented in a format with and without the addition of lidocaine. Thus, the cosmetologist can choose the most comfortable option for injection, ensuring the convenience of work for himself and the patient.


  • Brand


  • Main characteristics
  • Application areas
  • Density
  • Filler base
    Calcium hydroxyapatite
  • Lidocaine
    Not available
  • Hyaluronic acid concentration
    does not contain
  • Volume (ml)
    0,8 ml
  • Duration of action
    up to 18 months
  • Layers of the dermis
  • Country of origin
  • Cross-linking
    Carboxymethyl cellulose