PB Serum DRAIN + hyaluronidase 3000 units

PB Serum DRAIN + hyaluronidase 3000 units

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Basic properties

Main characteristics of PB Serum DRAIN + hyaluronidase 3000 units

PB Serum DRAIN + hyaluronidase 3000 units is the optimal solution for correcting the effects of unsuccessful use of hyaluronic acid and preventing swelling in areas with excessive fluid accumulation. The basis of the preparation is hyaluronidase PB300 - a powerful hyaluronic acid antagonist, which has powerful drainage properties, controls dermal hydration, improves microcirculation in the cells and increases tissue penetration. 

It is a universal product with an excellent repairing, smoothing effect, which is suitable for all skin types. PB Serum DRAIN+ hyaluronidase 3000 units is actively used in meso facial and body care for patients aged 25 years and older. 

Application area of PB Serum DRAIN + hyaluronidase 3000 units

PB Serum DRAIN + hyaluronidase 3000 units is actively used in complex programs of apparatus cosmetology (microneedling, mesotherapy, cavitation, radiofrequency lifting, ultraphonophoresis), as well as in the form of individual injections. 

Among the main indications for injecting the preparation are:

  • allergic reactions, bruising, swelling and other consequences of unsuccessful injections with hyaluronic acid-based fillers;
  • highly expressed edematous cellulite;
  • prevention of fibrous cellulite;
  • smoothing of scars of different etiology (in combination with collagen PB Serum SMOOTH).

Procedure protocol

The product is intended exclusively for professional use by a certified cosmetologist in a specialized center or clinic. The procedure is performed on healthy skin, with no visible lesions or inflammation. It is categorically not recommended to perform the injections yourself at home. Only an experienced specialist will be able to ensure the absolute sterility of the instruments used, conduct a preliminary sensitivity test, and competently select the necessary correction program.

PB Serum DRAIN+ hyaluronidase 3000 units is available as a lyophilizate, which is diluted with physiological sodium chloride solution in an amount of 5 ml just before the procedure. The product must be completely dissolved before injection. 

Depending on the tasks, the preparation is aimed at complete or partial destruction of hyaluronic acid in the skin tissues. In the first case, the preparation helps to cope quickly with such a serious complication as arterial embolism, when it is necessary to remove the filler from the body immediately. To eliminate technical errors in the execution of injections with hyaluronic acid, it will be enough to correct the aesthetically unattractive areas.

For the introduction of PB Serum Drain can be used with special equipment (mesoroller) or traditional injections in different techniques.

The procedure is completed with a light massage to accelerate the distribution of the active substance in the tissues.

Result of the procedure

The preparation allows you not only to remove all the side effects of fillers, but also restores tissue sensitivity, improves the function of the subcutaneous vessels, restores the skin's natural color and has a general rejuvenating effect. 
There are several effective therapeutic programs with PB Serum Drain aimed at eliminating:

  • edematous cellulite (alone or alternately with PBSerum SLIM+ PROFESSIONAL (Lipase);
  • aesthetic complications of fillers (alone);
  • scars (together with collagenase PBSerum SMOOTH+ PROFESSIONAL).

By reducing the amount of swelling and subcutaneous fluid, PB Serum Drain helps in smoothing the surface and returns healthy elasticity and firmness to the tissues.
In the first few hours after the procedure, there may be slight redness or swelling, which go away on their own after a few hours.


Hyaluronidase is a natural enzyme for the human body, but there is a number of restrictions for the use of PB Serum Drain:

  • age under 18 years old;
  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • presence of systemic and autoimmune diseases;
  • allergic reactions and intolerance to the components of the preparation;
  • general malaise, acute inflammation in the body, fever.

Rules of transportation and storage

The preparation should be protected from direct sunlight, stored at 2°C - 25°C, do not shake or freeze. Do not use the product with damaged packaging.