Anesthetic cream AG Cream 9% (30 ml)

Anesthetic cream AG Cream 9% (30 ml)

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  • Brand: FlosVita
  • Lidocaine concentration: 9%
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Basic properties

Cream Ange Gardien is designed for local anesthesia of the skin during the injection and apparatus cosmetic procedures, as well as performing various types of epilation, tattooing and permanent makeup. The use of local anesthesia based on lidocaine makes the procedures painless and more comfortable for both the patient and the cosmetologist, aesthetician, tattoo and permanent makeup artist.

Main characteristics

The product is manufactured by Flosvita sp. z o.o., a Polish company, which has been developing and manufacturing products for dermatologists, podiatrists and cosmetologists since 1992. The manufacturer's products are available under the brand names Ange Gardien (AG), Mezo Med and Veratin Skin Care. Among them - products for salon and home facial care, products for soothing and healing of the skin after cosmetic procedures.

The active ingredients of AG cream anesthetic are:

  • lidocaine - 9%;
  • menthol - 1.1%. 

When applied to the skin, lidocaine penetrates deep into the tissues and affects the membrane of the nerve fibers and sensory endings. The blocking of the nerve channels causes temporary numbness of the tissues and provides a high anesthetic effect. The presence of menthol in the cream creates a pleasant sensation of coolness. 

The advantages of applicative anesthesia include:

  • absence of toxic effects on the body;
  • maximum ease of use;
  • painlessness;
  • minimal risk of overdose.

On our marketplace AG Cream 9% is available in 30 ml tubes.

Application area

Superficial anesthetic can be used on the face and various parts of the body, including areas with sensitive skin - around the eyes, lips, neck, decollete area, under the arms.

Anesthetic cream is used for procedures:

  • biorevitalization, mesotherapy;
  • contour plastics;
  • botulinum therapy;
  • injection lipolysis;
  • laser rejuvenation, dermabrasion;
  • application or removal of tattoos and permanent makeup;
  • sugaring and hair removal with wax;
  • photo-epilation, electroepilation, laser hair removal.

Before using the anesthetic, an allergy test should be performed on a small area of skin. The product is intended for external use only and can be applied to mucous membranes, thin skin of the lips.

Procedure protocol

The anesthesia process consists of the following steps.

  1. The skin is cleansed of makeup, dirt and sebum and then completely dried.
  2. The cream is applied to the skin and distributed evenly over the working surface, covered with a film and kept for 2-20 minutes.
  3. Excess anesthetic is removed, after which the main procedure is carried out.

The total duration of anesthesia is 15-60 minutes. The speed of the anesthetic effect and its duration depend on the skin type and individual characteristics of the body.

Result of application

Most cosmetic procedures for patients of aesthetic clinics, clients of beauty salons, as well as tattoo studios associated with discomfort during the manipulation.  In addition to the anesthetic effect, the use of local anesthesia provides:

comfortable work of a cosmetologist, epilation, tattoo or permanent makeup artist;
the most precise introduction of the preparation during the performance of beauty injections;
minimal risk of swelling and bruising after injections caused by muscle strain.

In addition, anesthesia of the skin before traumatic procedures reduces the possibility of inflammation, which can be a reaction to a strong pain.


Cream with lidocaine and menthol is not used in cases of allergic reactions to any of these components. Local anesthesia should not be used on damaged epidermis, in the presence of inflammation on the skin, dermatitis and dermatosis.

It is also worth taking into account the prohibitions for specific aesthetic procedures. General contraindications for injections, tattoo and permanent makeup, and apparatus techniques are pregnancy and the first 2-3 months of lactation, problems with blood clotting, exacerbation of chronic diseases, and inflammatory processes in the body.


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