Restylane Defyne Lidocaine filler based on hyaluronic acid 1 ml

Restylane Defyne Lidocaine filler based on hyaluronic acid 1 ml

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  • Brand: Restylane
  • Lidocaine: Available
  • Hyaluronic acid concentration: 20 mg/ml
  • Volume (ml): 1 ml
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Basic properties

Intradermal filler Restylane Defyne Lidocaine based on hyaluronic acid is designed for injectable correction of deep wrinkles and folds, as well as volumetric modeling of the middle third of the face in patients with deformational type of aging. The product of the Swedish company Q-Med, part of the pharmaceutical company Galderma (Switzerland), is recommended for women and men from the age of 35. The filler contains lidocaine, so additional anesthesia before injection is not necessary.

Main characteristics of Restylane Defyne Lidocaine filler based on hyaluronic acid 1 ml

From 2010 to 2017, the product was available under the name Emervel Deep. Since its introduction to the market, more than 2.4 million procedures have been performed with the filler, and the intradermal implant has been approved in more than 70 countries. It was approved by the FDA in 2016 and is recommended for patients over the age of 21.

The injection product comes in the form of a clear, homogeneous gel. Its composition includes:

  • stabilized hyaluronic acid at a concentration of 20 mg/ml, which fills wrinkles and compensates for lack of volume by attracting water and activating essential life processes in dermal cells;
  • phosphate buffer that maintains the skin's normal pH level and minimizes post-procedure swelling
  • lidocaine (0,3 mg/ml) to reduce soreness during gel application in the dermis. Restylane Defyne is only available with lidocaine; there is no analog that does not contain an anesthetic.

The product uses a unique technology of hyaluronic acid stabilization, which Galderma calls XpresHAn Technology. In the world it is known as OBT (Optimal Balance Technology). The patented method of cross-linking hyaluronic chains allows to obtain a thick and elastic gel with a minimal content of the binding agent BDDE. Thanks to this product is not toxic, is well accepted by the skin tissue and does not cause allergies. The technology of synthesis of the substance involves the creation of hyaluronate with different numbers of cross-links in the acid molecules. Such gel becomes denser, more viscous and resistant to degradation, which is exactly what is needed for a good volumetric effect. 

Restylane Defyne Lidocaine filler can be purchased on our website in 1 ml syringes. The kit includes 2 27G ½ needles.

Application area of Restylane Defyne Lidocaine filler based on hyaluronic acid 1 ml

The product is positioned as an injection for correction of the lower part of the face. However, when modeling the oval, it is often necessary to create volume in the middle third, so injections are also carried out in this area.

The indications for contour Plastics with Restylane Defyne Lidocaine include:

  • marionette Lines;
  • nasolabial folds;
  • lowered corners of the mouth;
  • jowls;
  • lack of soft tissue volume around the cheekbones and chin;
  • tear troughs.

Protocol of the procedure

The injections are performed after the cosmetologist has first consulted the patient about the history and results of the procedure, contraindications and side effects. Before injections, the skin is cleansed of impurities and makeup, and then treated with an antiseptic. The gel is injected into the middle and deep layer of the dermis. The session lasts no more than 30 minutes, as it is possible to do without external anesthesia. The procedure is performed once, a follow-up treatment can be performed after 2-4 weeks.

Result of application

The effect of contour plastics is already visible immediately after the introduction of Restylane Defyne Lidocaine gel in the dermis, but is fully evident after the disappearance of swelling, redness and bruising. The youthful appearance and clear contours of the face are maintained for 6-9 months.

About a day after injections the patient should not use decorative and skin-care cosmetics, it is better to avoid alcohol, salty and spicy food in order not to provoke swelling and activation of blood flow. It is desirable to minimize touching the face with the hands, if possible to sleep on your back for the first time. It is necessary to give up bathing procedures and sunbathing for 2 weeks. If you go out in sunny weather it is necessary to use a cream with a high degree of UV protection. In winter, you should avoid spending too much time outdoors in frosty weather.

Cleansing, peeling and hardware procedures are recommended to be performed not earlier than 1-1,5 months later.


Intradermal injections of Restylane filler are contraindicated in:

  • pregnancy, breastfeeding;
  • problems with blood clotting;
  • taking anticoagulants;
  • allergy to the components of the filler;
  • cancer diseases;
  • autoimmune disorders;
  • dermatitis;
  • the tendency to form keloid scars.

The procedure should be postponed if the patient has inflammations and mechanical damage to the skin in the area of the proposed injections.

Storage and Transportation 

Restylane Defyne Lidocaine is stored and transported at 20-250 away from sun and heat sources. Avoid mechanical damage and opening of the package. Do not freeze.


  • Brand


  • Main characteristics
  • Application areas
    Tear trough
    Nasolabial folds
  • Lidocaine
  • Hyaluronic acid concentration
    20 mg/ml
  • Volume (ml)
    1 ml
  • Duration of action
    up to 9 months
  • Country of origin